PRIORITY NO. 1 The improvement of the quality and efficiency of the  institutional management



• optimization of the activity of all managerial structures (not only administrative ones, but also those concerning the instructional- educational activity);

• dissemination of the circulation of information pertaining to the managerial component;

• taking responsibility by each manager in the institution, in order to achieve an educational process whose target is proper training.

Target: Management Teams at all hierarchical levels in school


PRIORITY No.2 Correlation of the school human resources to the demands of a modern system of education and professional training of students/course attendants. Developing professional skills of human resources.



• Developing methodical and specialist skills of the teaching staff.

• Integration of teaching staff within a coherent program of psycho-pedagogical and methodical training.

• Encourage teacher training in getting the full qualification level and further qualification levels, advanced studies, trainers’ courses.

• Initial and continuing training of teachers to fill teaching positions.

• Acquiring new professional skills through various activities of formal, non-formal and informal learning, so as to accumulate, at each consecutive period of 5 years from the date of post filling as military instructor, a minimum of 90 transferable professional credits;

• Evaluation and validation of assumed acquisitions by the teaching staff that manage, control and guide through various forms of organization of continuous training and teachers' participation in methodological activities.

Target: teachers


 PRIORITY No. 3 Increase of the effectiveness in teaching process



• Continuation of the process of transformation of teaching methods and forms of organization of the educational process

 • The entire training-educational approach should be centered on the formation of skills and capacities related to the process of training and the real needs of professionalization of the personnel of Land Forces.

• Diversification of stimulative methods of participatory and training students/course attendants’ skills and prepare to work in a team.

Target: To form an open attitude in the relationship teacher/instructor-student/course attendant for the creation of a favorable environment in order to attain high standards.


PRIORITY NO. 4 Modernization of teaching logistics necessary for the education training.


General objective: The establishment of school workshops and the modernization of the logistics support, including by attracting extra-budgetary funds

 Operational objectives: Starting from the context that the school infrastructure does not fully correspond to the present standards and that in order to achieve a high-standard education, first and foremost, it is necessary to have an appropriate technical equipment in order to achieve this aim, i.e. the practical preparation of students should be done in terms of the specifics of professional qualification. The following objectives are to be accomplished:



• Rehabilitation/modernization of the pavilion "Technical classrooms" (C. 12);

• Improving conditions for learning and accommodation;

• Completion of technical logistics support with military equipment, gear, apparatus and kits similar to those belonging to the operational units;

• Forming practical skills in performing specific tasks as maintenance and repair squad leader, squad leader (deputy), and team leader, specialist;

• Carrying out practical activities for the maintenance of machines, of the equipment and installations; carrying out of production quality control, etc;

• Accomplishing of technical tasks of oversight, monitoring, and setting into service of installations according to the rules and standards in the field, the execution of mechanical works, monitoring of the accurate execution of technologies specific to the qualification;

• The development of the technical skills specific to professional qualifications;

• The development of information infrastructure, the simulation and computer-solving of specific phenomena,  processes specific to training;

 • The rehabilitation/modernization of school infrastructure, the carrying-out of repair works for school premises and accommodation;

• Judicious use of existing spaces, by providing the possibility of practical training and evaluation sessions for all disciplines associated with methodical teaching committees;

• Equipping and fitting up of road legislation classrooms, of cabinets of automotive knowledge, of car simulator and skill polygons;

• Providing with equipment, machinery, tools and machines/apparatus specific to  maintenance of laboratories and specialized classrooms;

 • The appropriateness of the type of laboratories, cabinets, workshops and specialized classrooms for the disciplines/cores of disciplines within the curriculum for each professional qualification and training form;

• Provision of sub-assemblies, parts, kits, measurement and control instruments necessary for carrying out the disassembly-assembly works, adjustments, maintenance, in  proper amounts so that students/course attendants should be able to actually work (in small teams of 3-4 military);

• The fitting out and retooling with modern teaching equipment and apparatus of specialty rooms for curricular disciplines "Electronics/Electrical engineering", "Mechanics" and "Economics";

• The purchase of complete computer systems (laptops) for equipping classrooms/laboratories;

• The development of the information infrastructure.

Target: To ensure optimum material conditions for the carrying-out  of instructional- educational activities



PRIORITY No. 5 Develop extracurricular activities and promote the educational offer


  • Plan the extracurricular activities with the involvement of teachers and students
  • Promote the educational offer

Target: Put forth extracurricular activities and the educational offer among school personnel, students and parents


PRIORITY No. 6. - Establish and develop curricula (plans) and initiate procedures for the approval of the new professional qualifications available at national level, curricula that will provide similar professional skills or some which will closely resemble the military skills required/imposed by military specialties and first assignment characteristics for tasks that prepare participants in the NCO training program.


·      Elaborate the new curricula (one-year post high-school program) for the academic year 2015-2016 - under article 39 para 1 letter a and letter b from Specifications no. I1-4097/16.07.2014 on the training of military personnel in the  Land Forces military institutions in the academic year 2014-2015;

·      Identify, for some weapons/military specialties in the officer corps, new professional qualifications that will ensure military development and fulfill the first assigned tasks as an officer;

·    Develop curricula (plans) and initiate procedures for the approval of professional qualifications identified above, which will ensure similar professional competences or those which will more closely resemble military skills required/imposed by target military specialties and by the first assigned tasks that   prepare participants in the NCO training program, plans that are to be implemented starting with the academic year 2015-2016. 

Target: train the military personnel, according to the requirements set by The Graduate Profile in accordance with the performance standards specific for target assignments.


PRIORITY No. 7 - Review, improve and adapt the content of the educational curricula/plans to the specific weapons/military specialties and assignments that our students, future military instructors, will do after graduation


·     Establish, develop and improve, in cooperation with the application schools/training and maintenance centers of the Land Forces, the syllabi of academic practice subjects within the program of studies for training WOs

Target: Create, in cooperation with Land Forces training and maintenance centers, the necessary conditions to improve the organizational framework (conceptually and logistically), of in-service education/post high-school practice of the first-year and second-year WOs, for 5 weeks (first year), respectively 10 weeks (second year) in maintenance centers, with maximum effectiveness; the NBC students will carry out practice in technical repair, equipment and materials department, fire protection and prevention, fuel, logistics in Cβmpulung, in cooperation with the Joined Logistic Center, and those in Engineering, and Maintenance Platoon in the Training Center.















PRIORITY No.8 - Plan, organize and carry out in time, comprehensively and qualitatively all the activities which extensively support and contribute to the fulfillment of  the main mission of the institution (military education), improve the preparation and optimize the activity of the entire permanent staff, structural and functional development of the school, rehabilitate and modernize the education and  the teaching logistics, equipment, installations and available infrastructure in the institution.


·  Provide assistance in the specific human resources management issues (HRM) for the positions within the organizational structure of the school and  establish a transparent, flexible and efficient human resources management system, that will provide career development and promotion of military and civilian personnel, as well as compliance with the flow and procedures for the preparation and submission for approval of specific documents.

· Ensure timely and self-sufficient logistics support for basic training, continuing training and advancement of professional preparation for WOs, NCOs and soldiers.

· Effectively prioritize financial allotted funds for the acquisition and modernization of programs, for the logistics acquisition necessary in the training/education of the Land Forces Military School of WOs and NCOs "BASARAB I" with modern, compatible, and high-standard equipment.

· Promote military traditions and social representation of the Land Forces Military School of WOs and NCOs "BASARAB I". 

Target: complete fulfillment of the mission and of the specific objectives of the institution.