Land Forces Military School for WOs and NCOs "Basarb I" mission is the basic training, continuing training and improvement of professional WOs, NCOs, conscripts, ensuring the performance of specific responsibilities suitable for positions that they have been trained for and certification of acquired knowledge and skills.




GENERAL OBJECTIVE IN THE EDUCATION AREA no. 1 – Design and implement the educational curricula for the basic training for  WOs and NCOs through post-secondary education, continuing training and improvement of professional training for the WOs, NCOs and the enlisted personnel through advancement/specialization/career/English courses.


SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE no. 1.1 The initial training in cooperation with the application schools for WOs as specialists in the operation, repair and maintenance of weapons, and equipment provided, and for NCOs as fighters, leaders of the military hierarchy structures (team, crew, track, post fight, etc), educators and individuals with post-secondary training, able to successively access higher levels of military career.


SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE no.1.2 Continuing training and improvement of professional training for the WOs, NCOs and enlisted personnel through advancement /specialization/career/English courses.


SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE no. 1.3 Implementation and designing the curricula and the initiation of procedures for the approval of the new professional qualifications available at the national level, curricula that can provide professional skills, according to the required military skills/imposed by the military specialties and the responsibilities of the first positions in order to prepare the participants for the non-commissioned officer training program.


SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE no. 1.4 The teachers’ professional development, career guidance, leadership and control.


SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE no. 1.5 Promotion of educational services offered by the school.


SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE no. 1.6 Education quality assurance in the Land Forces Military School for WOs and NCOs "Basarab I"


 The GENERAL OBJECTIVE No.2 in the Training of Command and Forces area- Increase/maintain the general level of staff and subunits training in order to complete their service duty within the institution, and to ensure intervention in emergency situations.


The GENERAL OBJECTIVE No.3 in EVALUATION AND CONTROL - Determining the functional level of the structures/school and departments of the institution as a whole in order to perform the duties/ the assigned responsibilities during peacetime, as well as the level of the operational condition for achieving the tasks during crisis and war time.


The GENERAL OBJECTIVE No.4 OTHER ACTIVITIES- Planning, organizing and conducting on time, in a comprehensive  and qualitative way, all the activities which support and contribute to the accomplishment of the mission of the institution (the military education), improving the training and optimizing the activity of the entire permanent staff, the structural and functional development of the school, the rehabilitation and modernization of the education and logistic support, equipment, installations and the existing infrastructure in the institution.


Curricula for initial training, continuing training and advancement training within the Land Forces Military School for WOs and NCOs "Basarab I", aims to:

 a) know the professional area;

 b) achieve the skills to become a good warrior, a specialist military leader, an educator and a citizen included in the graduate profile and empower them to exercise their knowledge in the units where they are to be assigned;                                                                                                                             

c) acquire theoretical knowledge and methodological skills required for the performance of a fighter, leader of small human groups and military structures, educator and citizen;                      

d) form training and professional fighter skills, carrying out military actions in specific forms of armed combat operations, stability and support;                                             

e) build capacity to act individually and as a team, to take responsibility and to assert training in combat;    

f) form training skills and abilities necessary for operation, maintenance, inspection and maintenance of military equipment in operable condition, specific weapons/military specialties;     

g) form leader skills with sound pedagogical and methodological knowledge, necessary for an instructor and educator; 

h) learn traffic legislation and acquire necessary skills and training in order to obtain B, C and CE driving license for all branches/military specialties;                                     

i) form behavior and opinion skills as citizens;                                                                          

j) increase a self-confidence and a self-discipline spirit, and also team required skills;           

k) develop the ability to use the teaching strategies, methods and active – participatory communication of new acquisitions, abilities and training skills in the process of organizing  training;                                                                                                                                   

l) develop individual counseling skills for the WOs and NCOs regarding career progress and social matters;

m) increase the readiness of personnel, students and course attendants in the field of information technology and the use of NATO working procedures;

n) integrate English language learning in the program supported by the Human Resources Management Department and foreign partners, aiming at certification according to STANAG 6001;                                                                                                

o) improve military school education in order to increase access to high-standard education and ensure fundamental skills and military specific skills;

p) acquire post-secondary skills in training standards equivalent to post-secondary school graduates/warrants officers, getting the certificate of professional competence, level 3 advanced qualification, appropriate professional qualifications listed in the job classifications, trades and specializations that are nationally accredited.


According to the mission/ the objectives, the Land Forces Military School for WOs and NCOs "BASARAB I", provides training, specialization and improvement of training for non-commissioned officers and WOs through:


a) post-secondary military education program, through a 2-year post-secondary course, full-time education for the basic  training of the WOs, as specialists in operation and maintenance of armaments, equipment and technical equipment;

b) post-secondary military education program, through a 1-year post-secondary course, full-time education of non-commissioned officers, through educational institutions and leaders of the military hierarchy (team, crew, track, battle post, etc.);

c) military education for adult training in order to improve the efficiency of military personnel through professional advancement/specialization courses;

d)  military foreign language education organized and conducted through familiarization, pre-intermediate, intermediate, on-line courses;

e)  military education training for cooks and waiters designed for the enlisted personnel that are to be employed in the feeding departments;

f) military education through specific courses jointly organized  with partners or allies-"Train the Trainers", "Junior NCO Training Course Instructor," "Battle Staff NCO Course", "Combat Life Saver", joint training with the British Military Advisory Training Team (BMATT), the Warrior Leader Course ".